Will Bishop

About Me


Hi! I'm Will Bishop, I'm 16, and I'm from Adelaide, Australia.

Apple Watch

I have designed, developed, and released 3 Apple Watch apps.


All of my apps have been audited to ensure they are accessible, not matter how you try and use them.


Check out some of my projects.


  • 2002

    I am born

    Probably not very relevant

  • 2011

    I write my first program

    I took to making basic quiz games in DOS (batch files, really going back to the roots). I tried making simple games in programs like Gamemaker or Unity, but I always found them too difficult and subsequently boring, and that belief continues to this day.

  • 2015


    My first time learning a real programming language wasn’t until 2015, when I began to learn Python on CodeCademy as part of a new curriculum at my High School.

  • Decemeber 2017

    Nano Begins

    It was in late 2017 that I began developing Nano for Reddit and it was subsequently released 5 months later, in April.

  • 2017-Present

    Making more apps

    Since developer Nano over a year ago I have released two new apps, both for the Apple Watch. One is Chirp for Twitter and the other is MiniWiki

  • There's
    to come!

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I'm maintaning a blog over at blog.willbish.com, give it a look!